Ukrainian Firefighter Died in Turkey

Yurii Bortnik suffered a heart attack apparent exhaustion




A Ukrainian helicopter pilot, who was involved in extinguishing wildfires in the Turkish province of Izmir, has died, UATV special correspondent Dzhafer Umerov reported.

Yuri Bostnik was fighting forest fires in the Karabaglar region of Izmir province. After the fire was considered under control, Bortnik went to the hotel where he was staying to rest. However, at night, the pilot was found dead in the bathroom of his room.

According to preliminary data, Yuri Bortnik suffered a heart attack apparently caused by exhaustion.The pilot’s body is currently in the morgue of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Izmir.

The helicopter pilot Yuri Bostnik served in the Antalya Forestry Department.

Source UATV
date 22.08.2019
categories World
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