Ukrainian Folk Choir in Ankara

They call themselves as ambassadors Ukrainian culture in Turkey

Dressed in national costumes, with wreaths and other accessories these seven women are determined to preserve a piece of Ukrainian culture in Ankara, Turkey and to share it with the world.

“When you’re a creative person, you’ll always find new acquaintances, new opportunities to create and to grow. I moved to Turkey quite a long time ago. The Ukrainian embassy started to invite me to sing, to perform at concerts. And then I came up with an idea to create a choir,” choir organizer Olena Shymshek said.

This is an amateur choir, and in it, Shymshek is not just a director. She is more of a teacher, who shares her experience with her fellow singers.

“I like Ukrainian folk songs. They aver so sensual, so beautiful. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend this choir and to sing here,” choir singer Olena Bobok said.

“It’s massive emotional and moral support for us to have this choir here,” choir singer Natalia Ilgaz said.

The Ukrainian choir in Ankara was organized less than a year ago, but the women are already confident enough to perform in front of the Turkish audience.

“Owing to this choir the Turkish public can learn to get to know Ukrainian culture. We are ambassadors of our culture in Ankara,” Ilgaz said.

Moving to Ankara, Shymshek was keen to bring a part of Ukraine with her. Seeing marigolds in a flowerbed, she immediately recalls a Ukrainian folk song about them.

Source UATV
date 09.06.2019
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