Ukrainian Folk Dancers Wow Ankara

The Virsky Folk Dance Ensemble received a standing ovation from the audience


The ‘Ukrainian April’ in Ankara has come to a close.

The cultural program included shadow theater, classical music, and food tastings. For the finale – visitors could enjoy a spectacular performance of the renowned Virsky folk dance ensemble.

While the musicians tuned their instruments, members of the Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble warmed up and practiced their routines.

“The morning begins with a lesson of classic dance, then a lesson in technique. Afterward, we work on the dances where there are mistakes,” a member of the ensemble said.

“I can also dance when I get home,” another member said.

The Virsky Ensemble visited Ankara as part of the 36th International Ankara Music Festival.

“Sixty ballet dancers came, as well as 10 administrative and technical staff and 20 orchestra members. For us, it’s not the first time. We already know there are nice people here. That’s why we returned,” head of the Virsky Folk Dance Ensemble Viktor Zavadskyi said.

“I really wanted to invite this ensemble to our festival. That’s why I’m really excited now. We love this dance style a lot – and your culture. I’m very glad that we were fortunate enough to host such a collective of this magnitude. It is a big honor,” Festival Organizer Pinar Alypay Yuksel said.

And it was a sold-out show.

First – the orchestra appeared, then behind them, the Virsky Ensemble dancers took to the stage.

For over 80 years, the group has wowed global audiences with their complex, lightning-fast choreographic routines, bright colors, and their embodiment of Ukrainian tradition and beauty in their dances.

They’ve toured across the United States, Canada, China, Japan and parts of Europe. But for their latest stop-off in Turkey, they brought a new routine

At the end of the concert – the Virsky Ensemble dancers received a standing ovation from the audience.

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date 24.04.2019
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