Ukrainian Healing Dessert

Ukraine is the largest producer of honey in Europe; more than three dozen countries import Ukrainian honey


Honey from private bee yards is brought to this enterprise. First of all, the samples are sent to a laboratory, where different tests begin — from the color of the honey to the presence of antibiotics.

“We cannot test the honey at the market, because we need special equipment to do so. We can only prove it’s botanical properties in a laboratory. We can test all honey, whether it’s warm or cold, old or fresh,” head of laboratory, Nadiya Eferemenkova said.

After ensuring the quality and safety standards are met, the product is sent for cleaning, adjusted to the required consistency, and packaged.

“At the moment, there are three steps to purifying honey at this establishment. The first cleaning happens as soon as the honey is delivered. This is done by filtering the honey through a specifically sized sieve. The most common debris in the honey is bees themselves,” production manager, Pavlo Bunevych said.

To slightly alter the taste of the traditional honey, fruits, spices and nuts are added. Two-thirds of the honey produced here is exported abroad.

“Most of the volume we produce is barrelled honey for sale and export in Europe and America. But we are actively developing our jarred honey for domestic and foreign consumption,” director of development, Viktor Ivanchenko said.

The quality of the finished product is checked in an independent laboratory. Today, more than three dozen countries import Ukrainian honey.

Source UATV
date 13.12.2019
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