Ukrainian Kids with Cochlear Implants Show that Modern Technology Works Miracles

Kids with these implants in their ears, prove that they can do anything


Kyiv celebrated Cochlear Implant Day on Sunday, May 13.

A cochlear implant is a prosthesis that gives people the ability to hear. Ukrainian children who had surgery to implant the device, showed that modern technologies work miracles. They allow for a life complete with sound.

Sofiya Medvedenko, one of the children that UATV interviewed, was able to learn dancing thanks to a cochlear implant. She had surgery when she was just over a year old to get the device implanted.

The sound processor of the device is outside the skin and worn behind the ear. It contains a microphone and a coil which transmits a signal to the implant. The implant has a coil to receive the signal. The implant is installed under the skin, and the little electrode, is inserted in the cochlea. The processor hangs on the ear. There is a control button, and there is a remote controller, which allows to change presets and control the volume.

The implant is effective even when an ordinary hearing aid is powerless. It can overcome a severe diagnosis such as a total loss of hearing, if the patient undergoes the surgery in an early age and completes the rehabilitation process. The device costs about $25,000.

Source UATV
date 15.05.2018
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