Ukrainian Language Ticket Machines in Warsaw

The Ukrainian language is now on ticket machines in Warsaw. Ukrainians who don't speak Polish can now easily buy tickets for public transport in the city


Polish, English, Russian, German, and now – Ukrainian. In Warsaw, an interface on ticket machines is now in the Ukrainian language.

“Here are all the instructions in Ukrainian. There are tickets for 20 and 75 minutes of travel including premium and standard. Here, we confirm the purchase by contactless card or using a mobile application. No problem,” Warsaw Transport Press Secretary Adam Stavickiy said.

“First of all, it will help those who are just starting to study in Warsaw or have just arrived. We know that Ukrainian citizens learn the Polish language and speak it, very quickly. For people who have been here for several months or years, buying a ticket is not a problem. But there are still tourists, and people who have just moved to Warsaw,” the Press Secretary of the Volia Region in Warsaw Mariusz Gruza said.

The addition of the Ukrainian language to the ticket machines was proposed by the Warsaw district warden Kolsztof Strzalkovsky, back in January. It took about a month to prepare the interface, translate texts and download the appropriate software commands in Ukrainian. In March, the updates began to appear in ticket machines on buses.

“At the moment, the Ukrainian language can be used on machines in buses and trams. Within a few months, all 600 machines will change on the trams and all of them will have Ukrainian as an option. In those machines that are on the streets, operators will soon also install the Ukrainian language update,” the Spokesperson of the Warsaw City Transport Board Tomasz Kunert said.

Ukrainians living in Warsaw are happy about the changes.

“I think this is huge progress. It shows that Poland cares about foreigners who come here,” a Warsaw resident Antonina said.

“This is a great idea. It certainly simplifies the lives of Ukrainians here. And every year the number of Ukrainians increases. For those who come to study, and those who come here to work,” a Warsaw resident Arina said.

In total, Warsaw holds about one and a half thousand ticket machines. By this summer – all of them will be updated to serve in the Ukrainian language.

Source UATV
date 08.04.2019
categories News releases, Ukraine and the EU
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