Ukrainian Peacekeepers Around the World

Ukrainian soldiers continue to participate in various peacekeeping operations


Photos Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


Two permanent national contingents comprised of 290 Ukrainian peacekeepers have been deployed to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to Kosovo on a permanent basis. Additionally, 61 soldiers are serving within UN joint peacekeeping missions around the world, the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported.

“Currently, 351 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine participate in nine international operations,” Deputy Chief of the General Directorate of Military Cooperation and Peacekeeping Operations of the General Staff, Colonel Valentyn Levchyk said.


In total, approximately 45,000 Ukrainian military members have served in international operations. Ukrainian soldiers conducted disengagement, demining, medical rescuing operations, transfer of personnel and civilians, they were involved in the repair of critical facilities and secured public order during elections. 55 soldiers lost their lives during these operations.


“As of today, three female soldiers are serving on peacekeeping positions. [Two] observers — as a part of the UN missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Southern Sudan. [One] staff officer — within the joint peacekeeping force in the security zone of the Transnistria of the Republic of Moldova,” Levchyk added.


In April 2019, Ukraine was recognized by the North Atlantic Council as a potential partner in the Training Mission to Iraq.

As a part of the process of military cooperation on behalf of the Ukraine–EU Association Agreement, national personnel deployment to the EU Althea operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is scheduled.

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date 12.07.2019
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