Ukrainian Radio Electronic Forces Get New Equipment

The new radar equipment is being produced in Ukraine


Photo Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


The press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that the radio-technical troops (RTV) of the Air Forces of Ukraine are actively receiving the latest radar equipment made in Ukraine.

According to the press service, several units have been already successfully re-equipped since the beginning of 2019. However, the service did not mention the exact number of stations received.

“Today, we aim our efforts at the re-equipment of the most distant radio departments that cover the state border of Ukraine. The newest radar stations allow detecting possible air threats several hundred kilometers from the airspace of Ukraine. They are more powerful and efficient,” Chief of the Airborne Radio-Technical Troops, Serhii Vyshnevskyi, said.

According to him, the equipping and armament level of units of radio-technical troops has improved during the years of war, as well as their mobility and combat capabilities.

Ukrainian radar stations form a solid radar field and allow for effectively observing the entire state border through a single monitoring system.

“So, when the enemy dares to launch an air attack, this will not be a surprise for our troops,” the press release stated.

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