Ukrainian Soldiers Drill with Western Allies

Ukrainian soldiers have been training with soldiers from different countries to potentially act together — coherently and quickly – against a common threat


British officers have been coming to Ukraine for several years as part of the Orbital training mission.

One of them, Lieutenant Ollie Scott, teaches target practice. His goal is to train Ukrainian soldiers so that they can share their knowledge with others.

A real breakthrough in cooperation between Ukraine and NATO occurred in 2014. Challenged by Russian aggression, Ukrainian soldiers needed a new training system. Now joint exercises are no longer a novelty for them.

Rapid Trident is one of the largest multinational exercises. It is held annually in the Lviv region. Thousands of soldiers come to the Yavoriv training ground. This year there were participants from 14 countries.

The United Multinational Training Group Ukraine works there continually on the base of a peacekeeping and security center.

Now Ukrainians are full-fledged participants in many exercises under NATO leadership. In November, members of the Ukrainian Military Police returned from Lithuania from the Iron Wolf 2019 maneuvers. Paratroopers and infantrymen repeatedly demonstrated their skills at the Combined Resolve exercises in Germany.

However, Ukrainian soldiers not only learn from foreign colleagues but also share their own experience obtained during the six-year war in the Donbas.

Combat units, most of whose representatives still serve in the Donbas, take part in the Orbital exercises. They say training with the British is useful.

“These exercises are a completely different level of training in tactics, target practice, and working with personnel. We learn many combat medicine techniques that we never applied before,” Ukrainian soldier Vladyslav said.

What is especially important is that soldiers learn communication and command of multinational contingents to counter common threats together.

Source UATV
date 05.12.2019
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