Ukrainian Soldiers Rehabilitation in Germany

Ukrainian soldiers wounded in Donbas are being sent to Germany for special rehabilitation, within the framework of a partnership between the two countries


“Fifteen wounded Ukrainian soldiers are already on board the special flight. This German aircraft is sometimes called a flying hospital. A group of medics will monitor the state of the passengers throughout the flight. The wounded soldiers will be taken to three Bundeswehr hospitals,” a UATV correspondent, Yulia Bozhko says.

“Under the agreement with the Ukrainian side, we have split the work in such a way that we are transporting those who have the most severe injuries and those who need prolonged treatment to Germany. This agreement also foresees that Germany will pay all the costs for transportation and treatment, as well as rehabilitation, even in those cases when prosthetics are needed. And I believe that taking wounded soldiers for treatment to Germany is not a symbolic act, but practical assistance,” Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel said.

90% of the wounded soldiers suffered limb injuries due to complex shrapnel wounds. In Germany, they will have to undergo have a long and complicated treatment, and rehabilitation.

“After the first stage of treatment, which mostly involved saving limbs and life, it extends further to saving or restoring the limbs’ functioning. For example, installing artificial joints. We have a lot of experience in this and we can apply our experience and skills. Most injuries are caused by explosions, when shrapnel shreds soft tissue and the fragments may be dirty and cause infection. That is why the treatment period can be quite long,” senior doctor Michael Uhl said.

This is the eighth time Germany has undertaken the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers. Since 2014, 118 wounded have been sent there for treatment. Five of them are still undergoing rehabilitation.

Source UATV
date 15.05.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation
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