Ukrainian Spectator-M1 Military Drone Successfully Tested

The Spectator-M1 completed tasks under simulated combat conditions


The new Ukrainian upgraded Spectator-M1 military drone was successfully tested. The drone test was conducted at a military training ground.

The device is equipped with a new thermographic camera and an advanced control station. It is light-weight, which allows it to stay in the air longer, Ukroboronprom reported.

Developers say that the Spectator-M1 can fly silently. Given its small size and specially selected fuselage color, it’s difficult to see.

The upgraded Spectator-M1 drone is capable of flying at an altitude of up to 3,600 meters, with a top speed of 120-kilometers-per-hour. The typical speed for performing tasks is 70-kilometers-per-hour. It can stay in the air for more than two hours. The drone also transmits video information in a digitally-encoded form. The range of flight is up to 150 kilometers.

During the tests, the Spectator-M1 completed tasks under conditions as close as possible to real combat ones. It’s shown that it can perform even with active enemy electronic warfare.

After the successful testing, the Spectator-M1 drone will be included in the regular state defense armament and will be used for reconnaissance.

Source UATV
date 27.02.2019
categories Technologies
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