Ukrainian Wins Gold at European Informatics Olympiad

The third European Junior Olympiad in Informatics has ended in the Slovenian city of Maribor.

At the competitions Khmelnytskyi student Artem Fomyuk won the gold medal, taking third place in the standings. It is noted that the first eight winners were awarded “gold”, UATV reported.

Of the 90 participants, four represented Ukraine’s national team.

The Maribor Olympiad consisted of two rounds, three algorithmic tasks each. The tour lasted five hours.

“The participants had to come up with the correct and optimal solution to each task, identify certain patterns, choose the right algorithms and implement it perfectly in the programming language. It should be emphasized that the check of tasks at such competitions is fully automated. Participants send their programs to the server for verification. Then he compiles them and launches them on a special set of tests, which was prepared by the jury and the organizing committee of the Olympiad, ”- said Artem’s teacher Andriy Popik.

Source UATV
date 01.09.2019
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