Ukrainian Women’s Basketball Team

Ukraine's national women's basketball team is preparing for Eurobasket 2019. In the group phase Ukraine will play against Spain, Great Britain, and Latvia

Ukraine’s national women’s basketball team is preparing for Eurobasket 2019. It will take place from June 27th through July 7th in Serbia and Latvia.

Ukraine’s women’s basketball team started preparing for this year’s Eurobasket on May 19th in Montenegro. The team won two games. Then, in Italy, Ukraine won one game but also lost one. Now, the athletes are actively training for a competition in Kyiv, with their head coach Goran Boskovic.

“We still have 20 days to prepare. At this moment, we are thinking only about practise and how to build our confidence, our game, and everything,” he said.

Oleksandra Radulovic is one of the most experienced players. She is a mother of two children and has just returned to the team after a five-year break. Her husband Srjan is an assistant to the head coach and he was against this decision. However, she feels strong and ready to help her team at the Eurobasket.

“We can change many uniforms throughout our career, many shirts, different clubs, different countries. But there’s one uniform you can never change – this Ukrainian uniform. Because it’s your country. It gives me tears and goosebumps when the anthem is playing. And I think that if we can get there, and fight for our country and our flag on the court, we will succeed,” she said.

In the group phase of Eurobasket, the Ukrainian team will play against Spain, Great Britain, and Latvia.

“Every team who is there has a quality especially Spain who took medal last year,” Boskovic said.

On June 8th, Goran Boskovic and his team will head to France for the international tournament. They will spend the last two weeks before the championship training in Kyiv.

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date 08.06.2019
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