Ukrainians in Australia Raise $90,000 for Ukrainian Veterans

Of the total raised, $ 10,000 AUD was spent on athletes' needs during their stay in Sydney


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In partnership with Rotary Australia, Caritas Ukraine and the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), a crisis fund was established to provide humanitarian assistance to war veterans and their families in Donbas, the AFUO reported.

The organizations managed to raise $ 128,000 AUD or approximately $ 91,315.

Of that, $ 10,000 AUD was spent on Ukrainian athletes participating in the Invictus Games in Sydney last year.

“These are gifts, excursions, bus transport, and lunches,” the AFUO said. “It shows how a small community like ours can achieve great results when it’s united around a big cause, and in particular, the supporter to the Invictus Games National Team (Ukrainian) that competed in Sydney.”

Other funds are planned to be used for projects that focus directly on the assistance to the Ukrainian military.

The goal is to help those most directly affected by the war, the chairman of the State Property Fund, Stefan Romaniv said.

“2018 has been a great effort but as we can all see by events occurring in Ukraine today, this will require a long-term commitment. We all need to do our share to help Ukraine and the 20,000 people injured and more than 1 million displaced by the war,” Romaniv said.

Also, AFUO is planning to launch a new program called “Help one dollar a day to Ukraine.”

“The focus will be to encourage people to sign up for a monthly donation that will equate to just $1 per day, but when taken nationwide will make a great difference to Ukraine. Let’s face it, many of us spend five to ten times that on coffee each day! A $50 donation per month will only cost us $30 after tax per month or $360 per year – that’s A DOLLAR A DAY!” the organization said.

Source UATV
date 08.01.2019
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