Ukrainians Embrace Comics

From new issues to rare editions. In Kyiv, a festival dedicated to the genre has taken place. Authors, illustrators, and publishers took part to sell their publications and meet other fans


Oleksandr turned his passion for comics into a business. He regularly sells them to other fans — all while continuing to collect rare editions.

“Here’s the Ukrainian Taras Bulba. There are plenty of comic books dedicated to Ukrainian classics. And many of them were published in Ukrainian and English, so that people use them to learn English. Here’s one published in 1993,” participant of the Kyiv Comics Fest Oleksandr Palamarchuk said.

Besides buying ready comics, visitors can also draw their own ones — at this art space. The columns here were turned into improvised easels. Cosplayers came to this space to look at the comics and showcase their favorite costumes.

“I think people deal with this because they want to experience something new, something bright. They want to attend festivals and meet new people. I think this is a great opportunity and it will only develop. We have a lot of well-known cosplayers who are compelling, they take part in different photo shoots. The most wonderful thing is that one can deal with it not just for pleasure, but also for self-fulfillment in the future,” visitor of the festival Valeriya said.

The organizers treat this festival as a platform for finding new partners and a way to promote comic culture in Ukraine.

“I love art in general. I’ve been drawing since I was little. For me, comic books are more than just a bunch of drawings. It’s a new and interesting way of storytelling, especially when it’s a story the reader has never hear about,” visitor Agniya said.

Iconic Ukrainian poets Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka and Ivan Franko are also depicted here as famous comic characters. This transformation was made as part of the exhibition — titled the “Literature Quantum Leap” exhibition.

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date 13.05.2019
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