Ukrainians Invent Smart Power Socket

Saves from electric shocks even when wet


Ukrainian inventors from the city of Chernihiv have created a smart socket. One that’s safer than conventional sockets and convenient to use. You need not fear an electric shock even if it comes into contact with water and it can be controlled via your smartphone.

The invention was created by a team of young people, with the idea belonging to Roman Bysko, who also made the first copy of the ‘smart socket.’

“It is installed the same way as regular electric sockets. You don’t need any technical skills to install it. You can just take out your regular socket and put ours instead,” Bysko said.

With the help of a magnet, the smart socket can connect to a power point from any angle. The invention is based on the combination of magnetic connection and wireless power transmission.

“It is completely safe for children to use. It is also convenient to connect and disconnect it,” Co-Founder Anna Sydorova said.

The ‘smart socket’ is planned for mass production.


Source UATV
date 23.05.2018
categories News releases, Technologies
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