Ukroboronprom Presents Military Vehicle

The new vehicle a command module to better support battlefield operations

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Kyiv Armored Plant created a new command-staff vehicle, BTR-3KSH, which has an automated combat control system and ensures the rapid transfer of combat tasks and control of their execution, State Concern Ukroboronprom press service reports.

“A new command-staff vehicle BTR-3KSH, which is intended to control divisions in the conditions of the modern battlefield, has been created in Ukraine. The new vehicle, based on the BTR-3, has been developed by Kyiv Armored Plant, part of the Ukroboronprom State Concern, together with other enterprises of the concern and private companies,” the statement says.

It notes that the BTR-3KSH has the latest automated battle control system that combines all information transmitted via secured digital communications regarding the location of divisions, targets and means. This information can come from the commanders of departments, individual combat vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, counter-battery radars, etc. An automated battle control system, in turn, displays a full picture on tactical computers and ensures the rapid transfer of combat tasks and control of their execution.

Such a system can significantly improve the effectiveness of a combat task and fully corresponds to the modern concept of warfare where superiority over the enemy is achieved by better coordination and interaction between all units on the battlefield and the constant exchange of information.

date 15.04.2019
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