Ukrzaliznytsya Launches Boryspil Express Train Today

Ukrzaliznytsya got 400 name proposals from riders


Photo from Facebook/Eugen Kravtsov

The railway carrier Ukrzaliznytsya launched voting for the best name for the recently introduced Boryspil express.

Starting this month, the train will link Kyiv’s Central Railway Station with Boryspil International Airport.

On its Facebook, Ukrzaliznytsia started a poll for people to weigh in on a name for the new rail line, which will stay up until Sunday.

From the public, the railway carrier has received over 400 possible names. Among them, the company picked eight.

The potential names are:

  • UZ Air
  • Kyiv Boryspil Express
  • UZ Express
  • Sich (a military and administrative center for Cossacks)
  • Sky Express
  • Chumak (a traveling merchant)
  • Air shuttle
  • Lybid (named for the sister of the three brothers who founded Kyiv)

In February this year, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the construction of a high-speed railway line. The estimated travel time is 35 minutes. It will consist of 11 cars of 91 seats each and two cars of 192 seats each. The cars were constructed by PESA, a Polish company from Bydgoszcz. The trains can carry 2.67 million passengers a year.

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date 09.11.2018
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