Ulana Suprun Court Hearing Continues

A Kyiv court hearing in the case of Ulana Suprun, the acting health minister of Ukraine, didn't produce a ruling. The parties will reconvene today. An administrative court suspended Suprun as acting Health Minister, effectively banning her from carrying out her duties until the court passes a ruling on the litigation initiated by MP Ihor Musiychuk


Rounds of applause and loud chanting followed Ulana Suprun on her way to Kyiv’s District Administrative Court. Dozens of people gathered to back the Acting Health Minister who was dismissed from performing her duties last Tuesday.

“We came to support Ulana Suprun because the so-called preventive measure ruled by the previous court is just absurd. The work of the Ministry of Health is blocked. I have a 1-year-old daughter, and it’s very important to me that she is vaccinated on time and so on,” activist Kateryna Chepura said.

U.S. born Ulana Suprun has been spearheading Ukraine’s health care reforms since August 2016. More recently, MP Ihor Mosiychuk filed a lawsuit, which banned Suprun from exercising her duties.

“The goal of the people who filed the lawsuit was to discredit the medical reform. They will attribute any actions happening in the medical sector to Ulana Suprun and say ‘look how bad everything is’ – although they would actually be triggered by the fact that she doesn’t have a right to sign any documents,” Chepura said.

This restriction, Suprun said, is causing treatment delays for those seeking medical care abroad.

“Now, because of your decision, I don’t have any power to sign documents that have accumulated. And this is only a small part of them. These documents are for patients’ medicine, this is their treatment abroad. Forty-four people are waiting to go abroad to be treated,” Suprun said.

Suprun’s opponent, Ihor Mosiychuk, claimed that she can not perform her duties because of her dual citizenship. But this reason, according to Mosiychuk is not the main one.

“In my opinion, Ms. Ulana-Nadia Suprun can no longer be the Acting Health Minister, as her actions pose a threat to the lives and health of millions of Ukrainians, a threat to the national security of Ukraine, and a threat to the strategic partnership with the United States,” Mosiychuk said.

This view is supported by some of those, who were outside the court.

Meanwhile, the court session lasted about three hours. Then the court retired to the deliberation room. Suprun, along with Ukraine’s Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko spoke to the public.

“We demand the court cancel this decision and unblock the work of the Health Ministry. And the work of the government in implementing medical reform. The judge received enough legal arguments and evidence regarding the absurdity of the decision,” Petrenko said.

However, the judge didn’t leave the deliberation room. And before this, he said that he didn’t have enough materials to deliver a judgment.

Source UATV
date 12.02.2019
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