Uzhhorod Airport To Open in 2019 After Renovation

It is the only airport of Zakkarpattia region to renew full-fledged airline services


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Uzhhorod aiport in Zakkarpattia region will start full-fledged airline services in 2019, said Hennadiy Moskal, the head of the regional state administration in Zakkarpattia region.

The airport is now in full compliance with European requirements.

New navigation equipment has been installed; runways and airport structures have been modernized.

In 2016, because of the close proximity of Uzhhorod airport to Slovakia, the Ukrainian and Slovakian governments agreed to restore airline services only if the navigation equipment in the airport was modernized. Before 2016, Slovakia allowed aircrafts to fly to its territory without dispatch supervision only in clear weather.

At the beginning of next year, the aiport in Uzhhorod will be the only one in Zakkarpattia region to have regular flights to other Ukrainian and foreign cities.

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date 17.11.2018
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