Verkhovna Rada to Adopt 2020 Budget



Kyiv — The Ukrainian Parliament will adopt the state budget for 2020 that features increased revenues and expenses, funding for roads and the defense sector. In the government, the document has already been labeled as “The Budget of Development and Security.”

The budget code provides for new distribution of expenses for the procurement of medicine and textbooks, subsidies for schools and hospitals, and monetization of subsidies.

MP Volodymyr Tsabal listed positives and negatives for the average citizen, citing increased funding for drug purchases and for hospitals to improve their work. “Regarding education, there are some positive things, but not much. The funding for teachers’ salaries has been increased in comparison to last year, around 10 billion. But it’s still not enough,” Tsabal said.

The MP pointed out that subsidies being decreased by 8 billion hryvia will leave less money for compensation for utility payments. “According to the government, the people’s income has grown, and the costs will be lower,” Tsabal said.

The budget committee has recommended a draft for adoption – after approving amendments of the budget committee which were earlier, considered by the Cabinet of Ministers. Afterward, the document was sent back to parliament.

The Parliament is planning to adopt the state budget in the second reading.

Source UATV
date 14.11.2019
categories Economics, News releases
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