Verkhovna Rada Adopts Martial Law

The law will be implemented in 10 regions for 30 days


Photo From Ukrinform-UATV

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has voted to pass martial law in 10 regions of the country for 30 days.

The law will go into effect on Nov. 28 in Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson and Zaporizhia.

After heated debates in the parliament, 276 lawmakers voted in favor of passing martial law covering the regions bordering Russia, the Azov-Kherson waters and a region bordering Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region.

The Rada also scheduled a presidential election for March 31, 2019. A total of 298 deputies backed the respective draft resolution. The minimum votes required were 226. Calling of the presidential election for the above date was one of the demands of a number of parliamentary factions during the martial law voting.

Russian provocations began on Nov. 25. It started with a Russian coastal guard ship ramming into a Ukrainian tugboat that was transporting two artillery boats from Odesa to Mariupol. Russia blocked access to the Azov Sea altogether and sent two Ka-52 attack helicopters to tail the Ukrainian ships. Finally, it fired on the vessels.

Russian Special Forces then seized the three Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea. Several sailors were wounded.

Russia’s FSB security service said it had opened a criminal case into what it called the ships’ illegal entry into Russian territorial waters.

The National Security and Defense Council held an emergency meeting at midnight today to discuss the imposition of martial law.

Poroshenko then signed a decree introducing martial law in the country. The Verkhovna Rada committee approved the decree this afternoon.

Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian minister of internal affairs, posted a video that shows the Russian ship trailing the Ukrainian tugboat and ramming into it intentionally.


Source UATV
date 26.11.2018
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