Verkhovna Rada to Set Date of Inauguration During Upcoming Week

Several resolutions regarding the date of the inauguration of Zelenskyi have already been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada

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The Verkhovna Rada plans this week to adopt a resolution setting the date for the inauguration of Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy said this at a meeting of the conciliatory council on Monday, according to a Ukrinform correspondent.

“This week we should consider a resolution on setting the date of inauguration,” he said.

According to him, five draft resolutions were registered in parliament with one of them withdrawn on Saturday.

“I consider it [the approval of a resolution on the inauguration date] to be a key decision this week,” Parubiy added.

MPs propose holding the inauguration on May 19, May 20, or on June 1.


The Samopomich Union has expressed its support for Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskyi on the holding of his inauguration on May 19, Samopomich leader Andriy Sadovyi wrote in his blog for Ukrayinska Pravda.

“Samopomich will support the date proposed by the newly elected president. We see no reason to delay it, “Sadovy said.

He also said that the party was not opposed to holding the parliamentary elections earlier than the scheduled date of October 27, 2019.

“New elections should be held according to new electoral rules. Changes mean changes,” the politician added.

Sadovyi also announced his party’s priorities in parliament in the near future. In particular, the union advocates the change of the law on elections (open party lists and elimination of a simple majority system), as well as for the liquidation of parliamentary immunity.

Source Ukrinform
date 13.05.2019
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