Military Buggies for Ukrainian Army

An innovative vehicle on the front line. An engineer and constructor have been refitting buggies for the Ukrainian military. What do they look like and what are they used for?



Sport buggy engineer and constructor Yuriy doesn’t come out of his workshop for days at a time. Since the first days of the Donbas war, he has been aiding soldiers, with the outfitted version of his constructions for military use.

“I told some of them that there’s a possibility to build that kind of car and I asked if they could use it. And they said “Yes! We could’ve used it yesterday!” They mounted machine guns on it, very powerful machine guns. The buggy can perform quick transportation of injured from the front line,” Berko said.



It was for this reason that Yuriy created the first “Pegasus.” This model has now been successfully used for reconnaissance, offensive, rescue, and special operations.

“People in conditions of battle have given the best recommendations. It has a minimum of light armor because its main task is to be agile, maneuverable, and invisible,” a volunteer Larysa Poluliakh said.



Denys is a volunteer, and is looking for a donor car for the creation of one more “Pegasus.”

“This is a multifunctional car. It’s comfortable to use for carrying out special operations. It’s very useful in the context of the hybrid war that is being carried out on Ukrainian territory,” Denys Romanovsky said.

Yuriy the engineer has already prepared a version of the “Pegasus” buggy for mass production with an aim to fill the ranks of the Ukrainian Military. At the moment, they are putting the vehicle through special tests. Yuriy is also developing a buggy that can carry not just three, but nine passengers.

Source UATV
date 11.12.2019
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