Military Drills Complete Training with British Soldiers in Zhytomyr

For almost a month, British instructors trained members of the Ukrainian military according to NATO standards.


According to the training scenario, the military is divided into two groups: one has to keep control over the building as long as possible, while the other tries to occupy it. The soldiers open fire and use smoke bombs.

The training is held under the guidance of British instructors and according to their methodology. The group that assaulted the building had a thought-out plan. But it still considered a lot of scenarios. Members of the Ukrainian military say at first it was difficult to understand each other, but after a few days, the language barrier disappeared.

“During the first days, we constantly asked: ‘Ah? What?’ Now we understand each other better. Sometimes, we can show things to each other using gestures. They have a good team! It’s kind of sad that they have to leave. They taught us many things, it was very interesting,” platoon commander of the 30th separate mechanized brigade, Viacheslav Zalizniak said.

Among the soldiers tasked with assaulting the building was Dmytro Kovalchuk, who served in the Donbas for several years. As per the scenario, he was wounded during the assault. Dmytro says that the advice from British instructors will prove useful at the frontline in the Donbas.

“With clearing out buildings, they taught us how to do it better and easier. The rest, in general, is the same. We attack in groups of two or three people,” he said.

The British instructors admit: they don’t only teach Ukrainian soldiers, but also learn new things for themselves. Because of the war in the Donbas, the Ukrainian military has become one of the strongest armies in Europe.

Ukrainian commanders are also satisfied with the drills. This kind of training helps Ukraine implement NATO standards in its Armed Forces.

“They participated in many peacekeeping operations. We draw comparisons and at the same time learn new things. Overall, this is a good experience,” acting chief of training department, Mykhailo Kirdan said.

Over the course of one month, British instructors also trained a unit of Ukrainian specialists on how to implement NATO standards and teach others to do the same.

Source UATV
date 20.12.2019
categories News releases, Ukraine - NATO

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