Volunteers Make Easter Paskas for Ukrainian Soldiers

Easter bread for Ukrainian soldiers. Volunteers, activists, veterans, and politicians gathered in Kyiv to make treats for servicepeople fighting in Donbas



In 2014, Sviatoslav Boyko was injured during the Euromaidan Revolution. When the war in eastern Ukraine started, he became a volunteer. Now, he is making traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs – known as “pysankas” – for the soldiers in Donbas.

“First, we cover the shell with vinegar. Then I draw the outlines of the pattern, which will be on the pysanka. Now, we’re tracing with wax all the lines which should stay white after we dye the egg,” Boyko said.

In addition to the eggs, volunteers are also making Easter bread known as ‘paska’ for the Ukrainian soldiers. Before cooking, they say a praye.r

Halyna Oliynyk, the founder of the project “Easter for Heroes” says
many Ukrainians have their own unique paska recipes

“There’s a secret. In order to make a perfect paska, you just need to love Ukraine. That is how I make it fluffy and tall,” Oliynyk said.

As well as Kyiv, Easter bread for Ukrainian soldiers is also made in Lviv and Ternopil. The campaign grows with every year.

“For the third year in a row, there is a tradition to bake paskas before Easter and send them to the guys on the front line. More and more people take part in this campaign every year,” Ukraine’s Culture Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk said.

And in St Michaels’s Monastery in Kyiv, the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Epiphanios, blessed one thousand paskas destined for Ukrainian soldiers.

Epiphanios said that all the paskas were bought with funds provided by the church

“We bless paskas and send them to the front line to our glorious heroes, defending our territorial integrity. It’s a tradition. The church provides spiritual help for our soldiers,” Epiphanios said.

Before Easter, the paskas will be delivered to the soldiers on the front line by chaplains and volunteers.

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date 24.04.2019
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