Vyshyvanka Day Celebrated in Ukraine and Worldwide

Vyshyvanka and the brightly colored embroidered shirts that are a part of Ukrainian culture


This year Vyshyvanka Day is dedicated to Ukrainian political prisoners, illegally held in Russia.
A rally was organized in one of Kyiv’s squares near the parliament. An art installation featured an embroidered shirt being put behind bars. It is meant to honor people imprisoned for being Ukrainian.

“My symbolism of this installation is that the embroidered shirt is the soul of the people. The soul cannot be put behind bars. But if one imprisons the soul, he can do anything with a person,” an installation author Anatoliy Furlet says.

Employees of the Verkhovna Rada also joined celebrations on occasion of Vyshyvanka Day. In the courtyard of Parliament, they formed a trident, with the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy in the top corner.

“This is a holiday for all Ukrainians, not only here at home, but throughout the world. I want to greet everyone today. All our vyshyvankas are the symbols of our tradition and the unity of our nation, society and the entire country,” Andriy Parubiy says.

Vyshyvanka Day is also celebrated around the world. Ukrainians were greeted by the embassies of Argentina, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, Canada and Japan. A parade of embroidered shirts was held in Australia. In Uzbekistan, the Embassy of Ukraine is holding a contest – anyone who publishes a photo in a vyshyvanka, gets a souvenir.

The holiday itself is not official. It was created by students from the city of Chernivtsi in 2006 and has become very popular over the past 13 years.

“I am very pleased that today is the Vyshyvanka Day. I am really glad that we have in Ukraine. Embroidery is a very large part of our culture. Going to work, I want to show the children that this is what was created by us, by our own hands,” a teacher, Natalia Sydorova says.

Source UATV
date 16.05.2019
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