Window Blinds With Solar Panels – New Ukrainian Startup

A Ukrainian startup, which designed the world's first window blinds equipped with solar panels to generate electricity, received a 1 million euro grant. This device is already used in South Korea, USA, and European countries. How is this invention useful?


Yevhen Erik is the inventor of the world’s first smart window blinds. His device generates solar electricity and is easily controlled from a smartphone.

His startup is the first among the Ukrainian projects to receive a 1 million euro grant from the European Commission.

The grant was submitted twice. After the first refusal, Yevhen had to rework his strategy – to reorient from private clients to big companies. The second time, luck was on his side.

“The idea was to make voice-controlled electric blinds, that is, smart blinds,” startup founder Yevhen Eric said.

“My dream was to make window blinds that one can simply plug into the outlet and start generating energy. We have a tracker – a system that monitors the sun and our blinds adjust and optimally choose the angle to generate the maximum amount of energy,” Eric said.

1 square meter of such window blinds generates about 100 watts. This is enough to charge 3 laptops or connect 30 energy-saving light bulbs.

“Now our product costs about $650, depending on the size of the windows. For example, this one costs about $342. The blinds pay for themselves in 5 to 15 years, depending on where you put them and where you will use them,” Eric added.

“Smart” window blinds are produced not far from Kyiv.

“We produce them on this machine, we produce them here and send them from here all over the world,” Head of Development Department Dmytro Hehelskyi said.

Now the Ukrainian invention is used widely in the USA, Korea, and the EU. There are plans to open several shopping centers and hotels, which will supply themselves with electricity from smart window blinds. The creators are planning to launch the first such project in Ukraine in the next year or two.

Source UATV
date 02.05.2019
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