Wings for Life Run in Kyiv

The international race raised money for spinal research


Ukraine’s capital joined 30 other countries in the Wings for Life Run, which started simultaneously everywhere.

But the racers weren’t headed toward a finish line on Sunday. Instead, the finish line itself chased the professional athletes, casual joggers, and wheelchair users who’d come for the race. The race ended at the same time for everyone with some folks running greater distances within the time frame and some less.

Racers installed an app on their mobile phones and then took off as a “Catcher Car,” or virtual finish line followed them.

Donations for the race, which started at about $11 per person, are going toward spinal cord research, Walk for Life Run Ambassador Uliana Pcholkina said.

Pcholkina herself has used a wheelchair for 14 years due to a spinal cord injury.

“A wheelchair does not interfere with anything. It doesn’t create boundaries for me,” Pcholkina said.

Source UATV
date 07.05.2019
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