Winners of European Games Return to Kyiv

Five awards were won by the Ukrainian team on the eighth day of the European games in Minsk. Two of the medals are gold, one in track and field, the other in wrestling. In total, at the moment, the Ukrainian team won 32 awards: 9 gold, 12 silver, and 11 bronze. Today, athletes who won gold medals returned from Minsk


Ukrainian track and field athletes have returned to Kyiv from the European games in Minsk. They brought the country a team victory in relay races and were the best in the long jump, high jump, hurdle race, and the 100-meter race.

At Boryspil airport, relatives and friends, colleagues, and journalists greeted the winners with applause, flowers, and gifts.

For Stanislav, the medal was the first gold medal in his sports career. The excited young man says that to convey the emotions that he had experienced during the competition is hard.

“You cannot share the emotions you experience when at the pedestal. The feeling of pride for your country, feeling of victory. Because a golden medal at a European tournament is a huge victory for each athlete. But even these feelings will never come near to what you feel when you are standing on the tribunes and rooting for your team,” track and field athlete Stanyslav Senyk said.

Christina brought Ukraine first place in the women’s 100 meters race. And although this is not her first gold medal, since she had previously won Olympic awards, she admits that she worked in the team for the first time and remembers the most interesting moments of the games.

“I almost lost my voice, I was rooting for my team so hard in the last relay race. Because we all understood that it will be the thing that decides our position in the tournament table,” track and field athlete Khrystyna Stui said.

After celebrating their victory with their friends and relatives, the athletes will return to training again. The Olympics are not too far away.

Source UATV
date 30.06.2019
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