Work Begins on New TV Series on Ukrainian History

Work on a new documentary TV series has started in Kyiv. It will be 8 episodes long and will show all the important events throughout Ukrainian History. The teaser was filmed in Pyrohiv, near Kyiv



Filming is in full swing. The set is full of old houses, costumes, and weapons.

“I am performing the role of a cossack. And this is the godfather of my child. He is performing the role of my enemy. He is a Russian soldier commanded by Menshikov, that stormed Baturyn,” Oleksiy Kolesnyk, actor.

The teaser for the project will show several important historical moments. The project itself is a TV series consisting of eight episodes that will show 1,000 years of Ukraine’s path to independence.

“I want to get a very powerful and easy to understand, dynamic and interesting TV series. A series that will tell our youth about truly momentous events that happened on the territory of Ukraine. It will include history from the time of Scythians to 2014-2015,” Oleksiy Kashyn, producer.

The basis for the series is the book by the Kapranov brothers called “Drawn History of Ukraine’s Independence.”

“The problem of Ukrainian history is that no one can retell it in short. What’s so hard, you would think? People have it all mixed up in their heads. Confused with all the dukes, hetmans and artists. An author has to do something. He sits down and writes a short, comprehensive and most importantly, well-structured history. I have it in my hands. This book was published in 2013 and is still being republished,” Vitalii Kapranov, author.

The 5-minute teaser will be released at the end of October. The funding was offered by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. The filming of the whole series will start next year after investors are found.

Source UATV
date 19.10.2019
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