Elina Svitolina Inspiring Ukrainian Tennis Players

Svitolina was recently ranked 4th best woman's tennis player in the world


She is the 4th best tennis player in the world and the owner of 15 titles of the Women’s Tennis Association. Twenty-four-year-old Ukrainian Elina Svitolina doesn’t plan to stop here. She is working harder than ever for another breakthrough in her sporting career.

Svitolina started playing tennis at the age of five, in her native city of Odesa. Her parents and elder brother are professional athletes. Svitolina achieved her first major success in Kharkiv, where she moved at the age of 13. There, she was coached by Andriy Lutsenko.

In 2010, they won the French Open junior tournament. Under his guidance, she took the first steps at professional adult competitions. Now, Lutsenko trains new rising talents. He says that he takes pride in Svitolina’s achievements.

“When Elina achieved something, she never stepped back down, she never fell. She always went forward, and forward, and forward. Sometimes it took a long time. sometimes she took little steps, at times she took big steps but she always went up,” Lutsenko said.

Svitolina’s success is now inspiring many young Ukrainian tennis players. One of them is Lyubov Kostenko. The 15-year-old athlete recently moved to Kharkiv from Kryvyi Rig.

“Of course, Svitolina is great. She just won masters. She is a true legend of Ukrainian tennis and in the whole world I think,” Kostenko said.

Lutsenko said that Kostenko is following in Svitolina’s footsteps.

“Her schedule is pretty much the same as Elina’s for now,” Lutsenko said.

Svitolina’s way to the top in world tennis is a worthy example to follow. She finished the season ranked 4th best player in the world, and has her sights set at the number one spot.

Source UATV
date 06.11.2018
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