Yelchenko: Ukraine Advocates For Phased Abolition of U.N. Security Council Veto Power

Ukraine's permanent representative to the U.N. Security Council believes that Russia abuses its veto power

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Ukraine advocates a phased abolition of the veto power of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, said permanent representative of the Ukrainian mission to the U.N., Volodymyr Yelchenko, Mirror Weekly reports.

“Our country is consistently in favor of a phased abolition of the right of veto, which is especially urgent in the face of aggression against Ukraine by Russia as one of the permanent members of the Security Council,” Yelchenko said.

“Because of Russia’s abuse of the right to veto, the Council, either during the consideration of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and the situation surrounding the downfall of the Malaysian MH17 aircraft, whether about Salisbury and the situation in Syria, is paralyzed.”

According to Yelchenko, today it is important to find a more active model of the participation of the U.N. in addressing a complex of challenges facing Ukraine as a result of the ongoing Russian aggression.

He believes a permanent member of the Security Council should be limited in the possibility of using its veto power on issues in which it is involved.

He said that Russia abuses its veto power.

“Incidentally, a similar provision (the ability to not veto if involved in a situation being discussed) is also provided for in article 27, paragraph 3, of the U.N. Charter, but it is constantly ignored, as was the case, for example, when Russia vetoed a draft resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine in March 2014. A similar situation took place under Russia’s second veto on a draft resolution of the Council of Europe on the establishment of an international tribunal for investigating crimes perpetrated against MH17 in July 2015.”

“Against this backdrop, the Russian narrative that, it says, it is precisely the ‘institute of veto’ that prevents world wars; it is especially cynical, because it forces all members of the nuclear five to seek a compromise even in hopeless situations.”

Yelchenko said that this is why Ukraine is among the signatories of the declaration in support of the initiative to voluntarily oblige the representatives of the “permanent five” of the Security Council to refuse to use the right of veto in cases of massive atrocities.

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date 12.01.2019
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