Young Women Allowed to Study in Military Lyceums

This will be the first time young women will be able to enter the specialized military lyceums


Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed young women to join military lyceums, BBC Ukraine reported.

Minister of Veterans Affairs Iryna Friz wrote on her Facebook page that the decision will allow recruiting young women yet early this year.

Earlier in the standing orders of the military lyceums it was written that training there involves enhanced physical training and “building the readiness for military service among young men.”

According to the website of the Ministry of Defense, there are only two military lyceums in Ukraine: the Kyiv Ivan Bohun Military Lyceum and the Odesa Naval Lyceum.

An admission campaign for the 10th form of the Bohun Lyceum lasts until June 15. Orphans, children of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundreds and deceased soldiers enter the Lyceum non-competitively.

The website of the educational institution, even before today’s session of the Cabinet of Ministers, placed information that the first set of young women will be able to join in 2020, not this year. Students of military lyceums reside in barracks on the territory of the schools.

Groups in military lyceums are called training platoons, and are divided into training departments. The most trained and disciplined lyceum students are appointed as the commanders of the training units and deputy commanders of the training platoons.

Lyceum students, according to the provision on military lyceums, are obliged:

  • to be prepared for the committed service to the Ukrainian people
  • to study military affairs and prepare oneself for military service
  • to be disciplined, to prevent dishonest deeds by himself/herself and to ensure companions do as well
  • to take participation in various types of socially useful work within oneself’s powers
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дата 15.05.2019
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