Zaporizhia Police Officers Teach Health and Safety to Children

Zaporizhia has 10 police officer-teachers


Kids in some schools in Zaporizhia are getting health and safety lessons from law enforcement officers.

Aside from personal safety, students are learning how to help people in emergencies. Special attention is given to practical exercises.

“I learned a new thing, that you have to need to clear airways. Before performing CPR, you have to lift the chin and remove any blood or foreign objects,” student Ihor Renhevych said.

Overall, Zaporizhia has 10 police officer-teachers. Each of them is responsible for more that 20 schools, and all of them are qualified to teach.

“Every employee has worked with children before. We have professional teachers, psychologists, social services workers,
English teachers and even two self-defense teachers,”said Oleksandr Mykhailovskiy, a public relations officer of the Zaporizhia Patrol Police.

These safety lessons will soon become mandatory in Zaporizhia schools. The position of police-teachers is based on American and Canadian standards and has already been in practice in parts of Ukraine for two years.

Source UATV
date 19.11.2018
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