Zelensky, Čaputová Discuss Wide Range of Issues

The Presidents of Ukraine and Slovakia held high level talks


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During negotiations chaired by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová, the delegations of the two countries discussed the issues of improving business climate, increasing investments, combating smuggling and holding further reforms.

Particular attention was paid to the fight against smuggling during the meeting in Kyiv. The Presidents noted that Ukraine and Slovakia have five border crossing points where control was needed.

The two stressed the need to combat smuggling at the legislative level. Čaputová confirmed that both countries were interested in that.

The parties also discussed the establishment of a new crossing point, which would become another “window to Europe” for Ukraine.

Čaputová reaffirmed Slovakia’s support for Ukraine’s European integration aspirations.

In this context, Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine would continue implementing reforms on the path to European Union membership.

He also put an emphasis on the concept of an “electronic state.”

“We have an important project – ‘A State in a Smartphone.’ We want to move away from paperwork. The best IT specialists are involved in this project,” Zelensky said.

Separately, he emphasized Slovakia’s position on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and thanked Čaputová for that support as well for the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers and support for their families.

In culture, the delegations also discussed the possibility of joint film production.

Speaking on the subject of trade, Zelensky mentioned the Free Trade Area between Ukraine and the EU and how it contributes to the high trade turnover between Ukraine and Slovakia.

“We were pleased to note a consistently high trade turnover between our countries. This is certainly facilitated by the Free Trade Area between Ukraine and the European Union,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky said, that during the talks, Čaputová gave further support to the European integration of Ukraine.

“Madam President assured of further promoting European integration of Ukraine on the basis of full implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union. And also of deepening our practical cooperation with NATO, which strengthens Ukraine’s defense capabilities,” Zelensky said.

The parties have also discussed cooperation in the energy sphere.

“Ukraine and Slovakia provide reliable gas transit to Europe. And we will make every effort to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel to the European market,” he stressed.

In turn, Čaputová noted that Slovakia would continue to support Ukraine in the reforms on the European and Euro-Atlantic path. She stressed that relations between the two countries, including economic ones, were being developed at the moment.

“The planned reforms, including trade liberalization and privatization, will also be a way to prosperity and developing cooperation between our countries. I think our rapprochement is a very important issue, especially when Ukraine is facing difficult times,” Čaputová emphasized.

Source President of Ukraine
date 16.09.2019
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