Zelensky: Ministry for Veterans Affairs Will Not Be Liquidated

A call for candidates to lead the Ministry was also issued


Photo from Ukrinform – UATV

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave reassurances that the Ministry for Veterans Affairs will not be liquidated.

He stated this in a speech during the second international volunteer and veterans forum “Ukraine Is Where We Are,” according to a Ukrinform correspondent.

“Nobody will liquidate the Ministry for Veterans Affairs,” Zelensky stated.

He also called on volunteers and veterans to submit their candidacy for the post of minister of veterans affairs.

The Ministry for Veterans Affairs was created through the reorganization of the State Service for Veterans Affairs in 2018. The ministry is currently headed by Iryna Friz.

The incoming Servant of the People Party to the Verkhovna Rada has expressed interest in streamlining the number of ministries.

Source Ukrinform
date 23.08.2019
categories Politics
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