Zelensky, Sandu Hold Bilateral Talks

The President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of Moldova held talks on a number of issues relevant to both countries


Photo President Zelensky Press Office


A significant part of negotiations between President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister of Moldova Maia Sandu on July 11, 2019 was dedicated to the development of economic cooperation. The negotiations were productive. During a press conference following the negotiations, Zelensky said: “Special attention was paid to the prospects of economic cooperation. In 2018, trade turnover between our countries had increased by 11% and amounted to almost $1 billion. I think we will easily reach the same indicator shortly, but without the word ‘almost’.”

Separately, the parties discussed the prospects of uniting power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power network of Europe, Zelensky said.

“I assured the Moldovan side of the reliability of Ukraine as a supplier of electricity to their country,” he added.

The parties also discussed cross border travel. Zelensky believes that citizens of Ukraine and Moldova should be able to enter both countries with internal ID cards.

“Another issue is the provision of educational needs of the Ukrainian community in Moldova. In my opinion, it is important to keep a differentiated approach to Ukrainian schools and studying the Ukrainian language in Moldova,” Zelensky said.

Separately, he raised the issue of extradition of former judge Mykola Chaus to Ukraine.

“Our partners promised to facilitate this process,” he said.

Zelensky thanked Sandu for her visit to Ukraine and expressed conviction that active dialogue and cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest of the countries would be continued.

According to Sandu, Moldova considers strategic partnership with Ukraine an important foundation of its own security.

“European integration and implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union are our main goals shared by Ukraine,” Sandu said.

According to her, the government of Moldova is willing to carry out closer cooperation with Ukraine in economic and energy sectors.

“We are willing to establish a permanent joint control over the border in order to protect our borders from crime and smuggling,” Sandu said.

During the press conference, Zelensky pointed out that the visit to Ukraine by Sandu was one of the first foreign visits by the Prime Minister.

“This means that our countries are not just neighbors, but also immutable partners,” Zelensky stressed.

According to Zelensky, the government and parliament of Moldova have always supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. He expressed hope that the newly appointed government of Moldova would continue to do so.

Zelensky noted that Ukraine would continue to provide full support to the territorial integrity of Moldova and actively participate in the negotiation process on the Transnistrian issue.

“Ukraine and Moldova have a common desire – there should be no Russian troops in our territories. Also, we will not allow anyone to impose plans for the so-called federalization on us. As for the protection of the sovereignty of our states and security in the region, our positions are common,” Zelensky said.

In turn, Sandu gave assurances that Moldova fully supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

“I feel love and respect for Ukrainians who sacrificed their lives to defend their country, its sovereignty and future as a European state,” she said.

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date 12.07.2019
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