Zelensky Wants Polygraph Tests For Party Members Amid Bribery Allegations

Eleven Verkhovna Rada lawmakers from Zelensky's party allegedly accepted up to $30,000 each in undue benefits to vote against a bill


Photo RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on parliament’s Finance Committee to take polygraph tests in the wake of bribery allegations.

Ukrainian media reports from earlier in the day said that 11 Verkhovna Rada lawmakers from Zelensky’s party had accepted up to $30,000 each in undue benefits to vote against a bill meant to eliminate corruption schemes that could allegedly benefit property companies linked to another lawmaker.

“I will not allow anyone from the (party’s) representation (in parliament) or from outside cast a shadow on the political force that obtained a majority mandate from the Ukrainian people,” Zelensky wrote today (Oct. 23) on Facebook, calling on all members of the parliamentary Committee for Finances, Taxation, and Customs Policies to take a polygraph test.

Ukraine’s Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office announced today that it is investigating the reports.

“If that test reveals even the slightest possibility that any of the lawmakers took bribes for their votes in the committee, then anti-corruption agencies must deal with them. Honest and unbiased investigation must remove all of the questions and give answers, no matter how bitter they may be,” Zelensky wrote.

Zelensky is now on a working trip to Japan. He won the presidential election in April vowing to fight corruption.

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date 23.10.2019
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