Zelenskyi Highlights High-Tech Solutions for Bureaucratic Problems

Internet business, startups, marketing, and future technology. These were just some of the topics at the iForum, on Thursday in Kyiv. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyi was one of the main speakers


A movie-star style entrance and a sea of smartphone cameras made President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s speech at the iForum feel like a concert, not a typical technology and innovation event.

Just days after his inauguration, he gave a presentation, dedicated to digital business, startups, smart cities, and social innovations.

“You could really consider me a naive dreamer, but we want to make a country in a smartphone, and a government in a smartphone. It’s time to do it,” Zelenskyi said.

Zelenskyi called on the IT community to unite efforts to drive change in the country, particularly in e-governance.

“As a rule, officials use four words – innovation, digitalization, Hyperloop, and Elon Musk. And after that, they say that ‘something’ needs to change. I personally cannot change anything on my own. Only together with you, That’s true. You lot have a great deal more brains that I do,” Zelenskyi said.

Meanwhile, one of Zelenskyi’s advisors announced a new project, where Ukrainians can submit ideas about how to improve how state-run bodies work. It’s called “Lift” and will launch on May 27th. Visitors could not only listen to the president and other well-known industry leaders and opinion makers, but also meet potential business partners.

“Apart from having so many speakers -and there are over a hundred speakers here – we have more than a hundred presentations in a day. There is a large demo zone here, as well as a big number of companies that represent their businesses, and show different innovations. There’s also a possibility to test your personal inventions. IT is rather broad. Because IT is incorporated today in other life areas. We will have a presentation by a company that deals with cosmos. Previously, it worked with websites in Ukraine. And now they launch missiles to the cosmos together with Elon Mask,” organizer Artur Orujaliev said.

The annual forum is in its 11th year and attracts more and more visitors every year. This time, about 15,000 attended, according to initial estimates – perhaps not surprising given the substantial growth of the number of technology professionals and graduates in the IT sector.

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date 24.05.2019
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