Zombie March in Center of Kyiv

Liters of artificial blood, scary makeup, and creepy costumes. All of this for fun. A Zombie March was held in the center of Kyiv. It was traditionally timed to coincide with the celebration of Halloween. Participants gathered at the Zoloti Vorota metro station, and walked along Khreshchatyk.


Families and young people came dressed in elaborate costumes and some rocking grotesque makeup on Saturday (Oct. 26) for the annual zombie march.

Some covered their bodies with green paint, others in all shades of red. Some also using bandages.

“Not a single tree was damaged in the process. This tree had already been felled. I myself came up with this design. I styled my wig and made my crown.” Kyiv resident Yuliia Topal said. Topal wore a crown of leaves and twigs and wore a long forest-green robe. Although in costume, she chose not to be a zombie. ” I am the Guardian of the Forest. I’m tired of people destroying nature.”

In Ukraine, not everyone is a fan of Halloween. While many, particularly youth, see it as a chance to have some fun, others, particularly the older generations think the holiday is superficial or even sacrilege.

Unbeknownst to many, Halloween is actually an ancient holiday. It entails the Celtic pagan tradition of scaring away evil spirits, thus the elaborate costumes. Part of the holiday is Christian in nature, as it involves honoring the dead on the eve of the All Saints Day. That said, most people celebrate it just for some silly fun.

On Khreshchatyk Street, many people came out to see the zombie horde.

Although they may try to scare Kyiv residents and tourists, it was only for the sake of bringing people out of their comfort zones and sharing smiles. The parade ended near the People’s Friendship Arch.

Source UATV
date 27.10.2019
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